Dielco Crane Service, Inc.

History: We have been in business since 1988 and have successfully performed a multitude of tasks in the area. Dielco has performed numerous lifting and rigging work for all of the major contractors in the Las Vegas Area and throughout the southwest. We have experienced crews in all fields of rigging.

Insurance: We maintain more than an adequate level in general liability coverage. A copy of our policy certificate is available upon request. Should extra coverage be required we can obtain almost any amount required. We are fully insured for each of the states we work in and copies of the state required insurances are available.

Safety: We consider safety to be the most important aspect of our work. Dielco has a full time safety officer as well as an active safety program sponsored and monitored by the AGC (Associated General Contractors). We have monthly safety meetings as well as weekly toolbox discussions. Dielco's drug policy is enforced and every person under our employment is tested prior to hiring and at intermittent intervals.

Operator Certification: All of our operators have taken the operator certification test offered by the National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators (CCO) or by the Operating Engineers (Local 12).

Equipment: Our equipment list is attached. Each piece of equipment is kept in top shape and is fully OSHA certified. The rigging gear is top quality and inspected prior to every use. All of our spreader bars, manbaskets, and special gear are designed and tested to meet the applicable ANSI B.30 code.

Service Area: We primarily serve the southwestern states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. We have done additional work in Texas and Oregon and have the capacity to range further as necessary.

Work Scope:We perform a multitude of work tasks including turnkey lump sum projects, hourly rentals, and bare rentals. We can give you any level of expertise and service your project requires from a complete engineered lift plan to a simple crane study. We utilize AutoCAD for our 3D lift planning.

We are a specialized crane, rigging and transport company. Dielco has an enormous wealth of "hands-on" experience, in house certified engineering, and most importantly a desire to serve the customer. See our "Services" tab on the home page for detailed information.

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